Cut the Cord

A Digital Mailbox Brings Your Postal Mail and Packages Online!

As much as our lives have moved online, a few people still insist on sending old-fashioned snail mail to you or your business. Why not give them a unique street address in a location of your choosing, then sit back and watch the mail appear like magic on your smartphone or laptop screen? You can call it a Digital Mailbox or a Virtual Mailbox - we call it the only way to go. Our digital mailboxes can put the convenience into looking through your needed mail directly on your digital interface.

Access to your mail 24/7. No more driving to your PO Box or waiting until you return from your trip. Our secure cloud-based platform enables you to view and manage your mail anywhere in the world. From PC to Mac, Apple to Android, smart phone to tablet, we've got you covered!

Keep Your Orders Safe

Our Traditional Mailbox is a Real Convenience

Whether you're looking to set up a new business address, or you just want a permanent mailing address in a specific US city, don't settle for an old-fashioned mailboxes that makes you drive down to check your mailbox, braving traffic, weather, and paper cuts, only to find nothing but junk to be thrown out. Maybe you don’t plan to be in the same city, state, or country as your mailing address, but you never want to be out of touch with the letters, bills, and packages that come in. You just click, and we'll scan that letter, forward that package, and get rid of the junk. Anytime Mailbox offers you the best experience for managing your postal mail and packages online.